SLAMM Program: Pathway to Literacy for New Arrivals

SLAMM program in action

Many parents of school-aged children know that the struggle for summer childcare is real. But, imagine if your family had recently arrived to the United States. You were studying to become more fluent in English and looking for work. Imagine that your kids were just getting plugged in at school and then summer comes! That’s where the New Arrivals Institute’s (NAI) SLAMM program comes in for recently arrived families in Guilford County. 

Since 2014, NAI has organized an 8-week summer program for kids 6 to 15 years old. While their parents are taking English classes and accessing other NAI services for recent arrivals to the US, the children get to experience summer literature, arts/crafts, music, and movement SLAMM) – all with the goal of helping them improve their own language skills and ability to navigate their new country. Approximately 48% of refugee children have not been enrolled in school before coming to the US so having a learning-rich summer experience is crucial for the more than 200 kids who come. 

What began as a small experiment in childcare for just a few kids 10 years ago, has grown into a holistic approach to help the families that NAI serves and is an important bridge to literacy. If you would like to volunteer with NAI or would like to support the SLAMM program, contact Lynn Thompson, community engagement director.

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