Read. Bond. Grow.

Helping Families Read Together

A Community Initiative to Support Children’s Literacy

Welcome to Read. Bond. Grow. – Guilford County’s literacy adventure! We’re all about bringing families and children together through the love of reading. Join us in making reading a special experience for every family in Guilford County!

Dad and son reading a book together
Sisters hugging while reading a book together

Read. Bond. Grow. strives to turn families into reading communities, empowering individuals to become lifelong readers and passionate advocates for literacy. Discover the joy of active reading with your child. Let’s embark on this journey of learning and connection together!

Read. Bond. Grow. aims to transform families into reading communities, empowering individuals to become lifelong learners and advocates for literacy. Learn how to read actively with your child.

A child’s first teacher is their caregiver. If you are a parent, grandparent, extended family member, foster parent, etc., you can have an amazing impact on the child in your life through reading.

Making time to slow down and establish a reading routine with your child is a unique opportunity to bond together. This special time allows children to connect with their caregiver, share their interests, and create a loving, nurturing experience.

Fostering a love of reading early in life is important. Reading together and connecting over books can break down barriers in education, bridge cultural divides, and help children be ready for kindergarten. 90% of a child’s brain architecture happens by age 5. Early language exposure through reading significantly affects the way language networks are built in the brain.

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